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‘The Holy Grail’ of the Spanish language and other useful resources

Learning a Language can be either a pleasure or really hard work, it depends on your attitude and the resources available for you. On Interland School’s Spanish Courses we want to help you to enjoy learning the language of Cervantes by suggesting some ideas and useful websites to look up.

The ‘Holy Grail’ of the Spanish languages the Real Academia de la Lengua Española is a cultural institution dedicated to the preservation of the language because, as we know, a language is a living thing that is constantly changing, so the RAE monitors the unity and integrity of the Spanish Language to be sure it is not compromised. So if you want to check the definition of a Spanish word RAE is your dictionary.


Check the website below:



Another good idea would be to consult Wordreference especially to know about the pronunciation of a word.



To begin with it would be wise to study some basic vocabulary, idioms, grammar, etc. The best way is to learn through games and pictures to be able to remember everything easily. For that you can consult this website with loads of resources:



-To practise your listening you can watch ‘Ted Talks’ on Youtube. There you can find a number of speeches in Spanish on different topics, all of which are around 20 minutes long. You have to search for ‘Ted Talks in Spanish’. Here are some examples you may find even funny.

Víctor Küppers: ‘Actitud’.



b)El Club de la Comedia: David Guapo (Spanish humor).



‘Cuarto Milenio’ is an emblematic tv program about mystery, ghosts and paranormal facts. The journalist Íker Jiménez and his team analyse some unsettling situations sometimes even in the place itself and with a team of experts.


I hope you find there resources useful and entertaining at the same time.

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