Learn Spanish in Valencia



If you are wondering if you should study Spanish, keep reading. These are some reasons why it is worth it: State of Spanish report Last October 12th, Instituto Cervantes presented in New York the report on the state of Spanish in the world. And yes, the number of Spanish speakers cont

Spanish Summer courses at Interland School of Languages in Valencia

  Whether you want to start studying Spanish for the first time, or you already have some familiarity with the language and are keen to keep improving, this Summer you can join us at Interland School of Languages and do so in a fun and entertaining way. We are currently preparing

Garlic in Spain is not only for vampires

Garlic, an extremely precious foodstuff in Spanish cuisine, presents us with several nutritional benefits. Firstly, it can improve our overall general health because it is a natural antibiotic, and as such it strengthens our immune systems. Secondly, it adds flavour to our meals and,

Things to do in Valencia in March

Learning Spanish while you are living in Valencia, or anywhere else in Spain for that matter, means enjoying endless opportunities to enrich your experience of Spain by taking part in the countless cultural events that characterise Spanish life. In March in particular there are lots o

Las Fallas: The fire of Valencia

Whether you are living in Valencia or visiting it in the near future, you ought to know that in a few weeks’ time we will celebrate the Fallas, a festival which in 2016 was included on UNESCO’s list of the world’s Intangible Cultural Heritage properties. The Fallas a

TV series for learning Spanish!

One of the best tools to help with learning a language is watching TV series, because you can practise your listening very effectively with them. If you do this very regularly, and ideally quite often, then almost without being aware of it you will come to understand more and more Spa

Speak Spanish not only with your mouth, but with your arms and feet too!

  In a previous article on this Spanish Courses blog we have already learnt some expressions in Spanish which revolve around the words for face, hands and eyes. They are commonly used in the language of Cervantes and if you utilize them in your speech and writing your Spanish wil

Tapas or pinchos, are they the same?

Spanish people love having long lunches and dinners and talking to each other. In fact, this is one of our principal customs, to get together around a table full of tapas over the weekend. Our tapas are quite famous around the world, although some people do not know what exactly a ‘ta

Use your face, hands and eyes for speaking Spanish!

When we are learning a language, using idioms is an important step if we want to sound like a native. It is very common to utilize them when we are speaking with family or friends, and sometimes even in a work environment. They just come out of our mouths without us even being aware o